Jürgen Messensee

1936 Wien

The artist Jürgen Messensee, born in Vienna in 1936, studied with Sergius Pauser at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 1955 to 1960. In 1973 he participated in the Biennale in São Paolo and was accepted at the Vienna Secession. In addition to painting, an extensive graphic work was created. A central motif in the artist's oeuvre is the female figure. As a prime example, the series of works of the "Infanta" (1985) can be mentioned here, in which Messensee increasingly dealt with Diego Velázquez' "Las Meninas", but deliberately alienated them. The artist lives and works in Vienna.


Messensee, mit Texten von Paolo Bianchi, Elfriede Jelinek, Fritz Koreny, Wien 2000