Franz von Defregger

1835 Stronach (East Tyrol) - 1921 Munich

Defregger, Franz, b. Ederhof near Stronach (East Tyrol), April 30, 1835, d. Munich (Germany), Jan. 2, 1921. Genre and historical painter, son of a farmer in Tyrol. Educated in Innsbruck and at the Academy in Munich. Spent time in Paris, then, from 1867, he worked in the studio of historical painter K.T. Piloty in Munich. 1878-1910 teacher at the Academy in Munich. Painted mostly sentimental, idealised motifs of peasant life and dramatic scenes from Tyrol's struggle for freedom, which made him a favourite in the salon society of Munich.


Hans Peter Defregger, Franz von Defregger 1835 – 1921, Rosenheim 1983