Friedrich Treml

1816 Vienna - 1852 Vienna

Austrian genre painter and watercolorist (Johann) Friedrich Treml was born in 1816, the son of Friedrich Anton Tremmel (Dremml), a decorative painter at the Imperial and Royal Court Theater in Vienna. After briefly studying at the Vienna Polytechnic, Treml studied at the Academy of Fine Arts under Peter Fendi, whose adopted daughter and niece he married in 1842. Treml participated in the academic exhibitions from 1839 and, in addition to a few landscapes and portraits, painted mainly genre scenes, preferably from military life. In 1848 Friedrich Treml became a member of the Academy of Fine Arts and from then on worked almost exclusively for the Viennese court. In watercolors he captured heroic scenes from the campaigns in Hungary and Upper Italy. Treml's paintings were often lithographed, for example by Franz Xaver Sandmann, K. Lanzedelly or Johann Stadler, as a result of which the works achieved great popularity.