Elke Krystufek

1970 Vienna - lives and works in Vienna

From 1988 to 1993, Elke Krystufek studied at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts under Arnulf Rainer. Since her teens, she documents and stages her life in painting, photography and film. Her work is a research project inspired by the visual arts, literature and fashion, such as the work of the artist Josef Albers, the writer H.G. Wells and the designer Cathy Pill. It is never clear whether the artist shows her private side in her works or whether they are staged: On the one hand, Krystufek’s works allow personal and intimate insights; on the other hand, she repeatedly shows herself as an fictional character - often as a star, dressed up in costumes and shrill wigs she has designed herself. Her alter ego lives in a chaotic, trashy world in which it is at the mercy of all the phenomena of pop culture. Krystufek uses the English language for this - in text passages on her paintings and collages or as a means of communication in her performances, whose themes often revolve around gender issues and voyeurism. As a shooting star in the art world, the artist represented Austria at the Biennale in São Paolo at the age of 28 (1998); in the following years she also taught at various art academies: University of Art and Design Linz (guest professorship 2001-2002), State Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe (guest professorship 2005-2006), Vienna Academy of Fine Arts (professorship 2005-2006). The artist lives and works in Vienna.


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