Brigitte Kowanz, Franz Graf

Since 1997, Brigitte Kowanz is holding a professorship for transmedial art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she previously studied herself. Starting from the 1980s, her oeuvre has been evolving around the relation of space and light. Early works on this topic include paper- and canvas-paintings with different light-depending pigments, that were created together with the artist Franz Graf. From 1984 on, Kowanz developed her first light-projects. In these, she created complex spatial-paintings as well as light- and shadow-projections. Light as a material and a topic is present throughout the whole oeuvre of Kowanz; be it the examination of light-speed or of light as an information carrier and medium of insight and visibility. Besides the light, the artist also took to the complexity of language and especially with the translation from language into codes (such as Morse). Mirrors and semi-transparent glass are used by the artist to connect the topics of light and language and help to create a hybrid space, where the borders between clarity and unclarity seems to blur. The works by Brigitte Kowanz, who is living and working in Vienna, are internationally popular, which is why she often partakes in exhibitions of museums and galleries. Born 1954 in Tulln, the Austrian conceptual artist Franz Graf studied at the University of Applied arts under Oswald Oberhuber. In his works, Graf steadily includes combinations of drawings, photography and installations. In his early works, in the beginning of the 1980s, he worked closely with Brigitte Kowanz and together, they focused on the phenomenon of light-pigments on paper and canvas. Later, Graf focused on a linkage and overlap of different media and material.