Cornelius Kolig

1942 Vorderberg, Carinthia

Cornelius Kolig, born in Vorderberg in 1942, is a painter, object and concept artist. He studied from 1960 to 1965 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna with Josef Dobrowsky, Herbert Boeckl and Max Weiler. As early as 1963 and 1968 Kolig exhibited light objects, X-ray and temperature sculptures at the Galerie St. Stephan under Monsignor Otto Mauer. In 1975, together with Hans Staudacher and Gotthard Muhr, Kolig was Austria's official representative at the XIII São Paulo Biennale. 1979 marked the start of construction on Paradies in Vorderberg, a work of art on an area of around 6000 square meters. In 1996 Cornelius Kolig designed the installation Unvergessen for the Carinthian Provincial Archives. In 1999 he received the Culture Prize of the City of Villach and in 2006 the Great Culture Prize of the Province of Carinthia.


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